How Do Vitamins Clear Breakouts?

How Do Vitamins Clear Breakouts?

Vitamins are usually not the first line of defense against breakouts - but they should be! We've been taught our whole lives to treat the symptom of a much bigger issue by using medicated face washes and creams that speed up the healing process - sure, but they certainly do not keep breakouts from forming in the first place. That's because acne breakouts form deep below the skin's surface. For some (like those with cystic acne,) breakouts can take weeks to finally surface!

By treating the symptom (pimple) and not the actual problem (breakouts that start below the skin's surface,) we're not able to stop acne from forming in the first place. But what if there was something that could penetrate deeper and work on an internal level to stop breakouts from forming?

Many of us are missing out on key nutrients for skin to be happy and healthy. Vitamins work internally to give our skin what it needs to combat breakouts - before they even form! Does that mean you don't have to wash your face anymore? Absolutely not! You still need to cleanse skin once daily, because left over dirt/debris/makeup is ONE way a pore can become clogged and inflamed, resulting in an unsightly pimple. But there are MANY more contributing factors to acne like: greasy foods, sugary foods, menstrual cycle, changes in hormones, puberty, and menopause. 

So - How do vitamins help clear breakouts? It's simple!

  • Vitamins provide adequate nutrients for our largest organ, our skin, to be strong, healthy and breakout-free.
  • Vitamins provide a detoxifying effect and cleanse our skin of toxins that can lead to breakouts.
  • Vitamins help our skin produce a healthy amount of sebum (oil) because our pores can become clogged when there is excess oil.


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