Are there any side effects?

Since our product is a vitamin supplement, there are no side effects associated with taking it.

Is your product safe for sensitive skin?

Yes! Our product is great for sensitive skin because its a mix of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that clear skin from within. This means there aren't any harsh chemicals or ingredients that can potentially irritate skin. It's very gentle!

Does your product work on body acne?

Yes! Since our product is a vitamin, it acts as a full body defense and helps protect your skin from breakouts by fighting them on an internal level. This means it can even help with chest, shoulder and back acne too!

Is your product safe to take while nursing or pregnant?

Even though our product is a vitamin supplement, we recommend talking with your physician before adding any new vitamins to your routine.

How long do I need to take your product?

We recommend taking our product until your skin clears and you're happy with your results. Since the vitamins in our product are giving your body the nutrients it needs to fight breakouts internally, if you quit taking them your breakouts may come back. This is normal as acne is an on-going, chronic issue for many people. 

Once your skin clears, you can try lowering your dosage to maintain your clear skin results.

When can I expect to see results?

Most of our customers start seeing some kind of progress by 8 weeks. Some are faster, and some take longer as each person will respond to the supplement a little differently. You should have an idea if it's starting to work for you by this time, even though your skin may not be 100% clear just yet. (If it's working for you, you'll notice your skin healing faster than normal. And eventually, you'll notice less breakouts!)

Blemish Blend helps detox the skin and so you may notice more breakouts coming to the surface in the beginning. This is normal and temporary. As your skin heals and the detox is complete, you'll notice less breakouts overall.

We recommend giving it a full 3 months to see the best results.

What if your product doesn't work for me?

Our product is effective and works for MOST people. As there are many triggers for acne breakouts, not everyone will respond to treatment via a vitamin supplement. That's why we have a 100% Money Back Guarantee in place, to protect our customers in the case our product is not a good fit. You can read more about returns and our Money Back Guarantee here.

Do you ship internationally? 

At this time, we ship to the USA and Canada. We hope to add more countries to our list in the near-future!

Your website is showing a different price than my bank statement, why is that?

Our prices are all listed in US Dollars (USD) and our checkout is USD.

If you're an international customer in Canada, you may use the currency converter on our website to see the current exchange rate. However, the converter only works on our website and product pages, and does not display international currencies at checkout. Our checkout (including shipping and tax rates) are ALWAYS displayed in USD.