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5 Clear Skin Tips

September 03, 2018

5 Clear Skin Tips

Struggle with breakouts? The good news is you're in the right spot. We understand how it feels to wake up in the morning excited to start your day and *BAM* out of nowhere, another pimple showed up overnight. The question is - What can we do to minimize our chance of getting more breakouts? We've come up with our list of our Top 5 Clear Skin Tips to help you navigate the road to clear, beautiful skin.

  1. Cleanse, Moisturize + Repeat Daily - Never go to bed with makeup on your face. But more than that, never forget to moisturize afterwards. Cleansing your skin can strip your skin of moisture, which can lead to an overproduction of oil, which will more than likely lead to more clogged pores. You need to cleanse daily, but always remember to moisturize after with something non-comedogenic and gentle.
  2. Wash Your Pillowcase - Every time your head hits the pillow, you're transferring dirt, oil and bacteria to your pillowcase. The longer you go without washing it, the more buildup is present. We recommend washing your pillowcase as often as you change towels (which is recommended to be about every 2-3 uses.) A pillow case is a relatively inexpensive item and it's most efficient to buy several so you can swap them out when you change your towel. Then, it becomes a habit and you're also not made to do wash every 2-3 days. This is also good for your hair and will help you to go longer in between washes!
  3. Dry Your Face With a Separate Towel - Many of us use our hand towels to dry our faces, but we should really be using a clean towel every time. We recommend using a wash cloth to pat dry as they're small and don't take up too much space in the wash each week.
  4. Eat Your Veggies - Our skin is the largest organ of our bodies, and it needs to proper nutrients to stay healthy, strong and to fight breakouts. Breakouts are an internal response to an acne trigger, and for some of us, greasy and sugary foods are a trigger for breakouts. Eat lean & clean for clear, glowing skin! A good place to start is to eat colorful, non-starchy vegetables with every meal. If you have a hard time eating vegetables with each meal, you might consider taking a vitamin supplement in conjunction with eating healthy so that you're not missing out on any key nutrients.
  5. Drink Lots of Water - Drinking enough water each day helps our bodies naturally flush out toxins and anything we don't need/use. Water is also helpful to our skin because it helps it to stay hydrated (and having dry skin can cause an excess in oil production.) Water can also help our bodies absorb vitamin supplements more readily.